Electrochemical Cantilevers

  • Conductive Probe

  • Low Leakage Currents

  • Reliable Electrical Contacts

  • Tweezer-free Insertion

  • Compatible with all Instruments

Enhanced SPM Methods

  • Electrochemical Characterization
  • Surface Potential Measurements
  • Electrophysiology
  • Scanning Probe Lithography

How it Works

Insulated cantilevers enable the investigation of nanoscale properties of electroactive materials in-situ.

Performing electrical measurements in liquids is impractical as the entire chip acts as an electrically active area. Insulated cantilevers are electrically insulated with only the very apex of the conductive, platinum tip exposed. A flexible handle attached to the probe provides a reliable electrical contact with conformal insulation that surrounds both the connector and the chip. Manipulating the chip is simple and compatible with multiple instruments.

Insulated cantilevers provide superior electrical performance in liquids, allowing users to perform various types of measurements including scanning electrochemical microscopy, conductive microscopy, and other electrical force microscopy techniques.

Our cantilevers are compatible with the Nanosurf DriveAFM, FlexAFM and CoreAFM systems and we provide plug-and-play options for your potentiostat; if you have another AFM, please contact us.

Download specifications sheet