Nanosurf announces the acquisition of Scuba Probe Technologies


In January 2021, Nanosurf acquired Scuba Probe Technologies. The acquisition underlines Nanosurf’s dedication to the clean energy challenge that requires understanding of nanoscale electrochemical phenomena.

“The acquisition of Scuba Probe Technologies will allow us to offer complete solutions for electrochemical measurements in fast growing markets like battery research, fuel cells, renewable energies, corrosion, surface coating, catalysis and biological processes. We have planned to invest significant resources in hardware, software and application development to provide a leading range of measurement solutions including AFM, probes, sample holders, and measurement systems”, comments Dr. Urs Matter, CEO of Nanosurf. The technology and expertise of Scuba Probe Technologies complements Nanosurf’s development of the full range of nano-electrical characterization tools including advanced KPFM (Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy) and SMM (Scanning Microwave Microscopy) methods.

Scuba Probe Technologies was awarded prestigious Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the United States Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. The technology was rapidly adapted by numerous research laboratories worldwide. “Scuba has always been dedicated to empower researchers and scientists in accelerating nanoscience research in liquids. Combining the expertise of Nanosurf and Scuba, we can now offer a streamlined, easy to use solution to perform advanced electrochemical experiments.” comments Dr. Dominik Ziegler, former CEO of Scuba Probe Technologies and currently CTO of Nanosurf.

Production of electrochemical probes will be transitioned from Berkeley, California to Switzerland and be made available for purchase in the Nanosurf web shop in the near future. Since it was founded in 1997, Nanosurf has become one of the most trusted and established AFM brands in the market and the acquisition of Scuba Probe Technologies is one of many strategic projects that are in the pipeline to advance innovation of atomic force microscopy.